Winter Tire Application and Dates

Winter tire application is a cold and rainy winter application for safe and comfortable driving. Between December 1 and April 1, commercial vehicles carrying cargo and passengers on all roads between cities must use winter tires. It is aimed to make safer journeys with this application made to minimize traffic accidents in winter and to prevent possible traffic accidents. In fact, winter tires should be used in all weather conditions below 7 degrees.

Most drivers seem to be mistaken about the use of winter tires. Because many drivers, winter tires, not in wet or dry weather; it should be used only in snowy weather. However, winter tire application is not limited to snow. Another error is related to under-use of winter tires. You must use winter tires for all four tires of your vehicle. In addition, according to the Road Traffic Act and the relevant Road Traffic Regulations, you must have a snow chain in your vehicle in addition to winter tires on snowy and icy roads. You should have your winter tires checked regularly. You should pay attention to this. Driving with an inflated tire not only reduces the life of your tire but also puts you at risk for a safe driving experience. In addition, using a standard tire will cause your car to consume more fuel during the winter months, resulting in an economically disadvantageous situation. Note that the use of standard tires in winter will result in an unusually high fuel consumption. You should also check the tread depth of your tires. Because tires with reduced tread depth increase the braking distance. Snowy and icy weather may cause your vehicle to slip and put you at serious risk.

Even if you are driving a winter tire, you should be careful to drive below the maximum speed limits. As winter tires have different properties in terms of handling and braking distance than summer tires, they provide a more advantageous use on snowy and icy roads. Winter tires, which do not cure in cold weather and maintain their adherence properties, have a usage feature that increases the grip on wet surfaces with their high amount of silica.

Winter tire and safe driving

The proper use of tires in your vehicle is a sine qua non for safe driving. For both your property and your safety, you should always use winter tires in harsh winter conditions. Because winter tires are vital for safe driving.

Although all precautions are taken, driving naturally includes risks. Therefore, it is useful to take all kinds of risks in mind and to take some precautions in the first place. The most important of these measures is insurance. The clear answer to the question “What is insurance? Ur is that it is one of the most important insurers that protect your vehicle. You can look at your vehicle with great sacrifices as your eyes, perform all kinds of care meticulously and comply with traffic rules. When you take all precautions and encounter an undesirable situation, your car insurance will help you. In case of a damaged accident, the insurance will cover your damage and prevent you from falling into a difficult situation. With a simple automobile inquiry process, you can learn the automobile value determination and take the first step at the automobile point.

The insurance policy includes the main and additional collaterals. Main collaterals include risks that you may encounter very often in daily life. The main guarantees include the rights granted to you as standard when you purchase your insurance policy. Any impact, collision, fire, theft and similar incidents are considered within the scope of the main guarantees. There is a possibility that you may face these risks while driving in traffic or parking. A large portion of the damage caused by these risks is paid according to the limits you have agreed to when purchasing your insurance policy. The vehicle owner either pays a small fee or does not pay any fee according to his agreement. In the event of greater damage, the insurance premium will be negligible as well as the amount payable. In essence, you can get rid of big damages by taking small measures.

What does the car insurance value list do?

Vehicle insurance value listis the list of the value used to calculate the damages to be covered by the insurance of the vehicles. In determining the compensation to be paid for the damages that may occur after an accident to occur, the insurance companies operate within the scope of the current value insurance list. The payment amount is determined by reference to this list. Casco value list is prepared and presented to the relevant published monthly by Turkey Insurance Association. Some criteria are taken into account in determining the car insurance values. These; vehicle brand, model and market price. Taking these criteria into consideration, the automobile value is determined. In determining the Motor Vehicle Tax, which is paid in two installments each year, the car insurance value in the car insurance value list is taken as reference. The car insurance value list can be set up to a certain age limit. This list is prepared for motor vehicles up to the age of fifteen. This list is not used for vehicles older than fifteen years. For this purpose, the insurance price shall be determined by an agreement between the insured and the insurance company. The vehicle insurance value is also known and used as a valuation based on the purchase and sale of used vehicles.

What should be considered when making vehicle insurance?

Insurance insuranceis one of the most important, but not necessarily, vital issues for every driver. In this sense, it is an undeniable fact that every vehicle driver is at risk of a potential accident. For this reason, each vehicle driver should determine the scope of the automobile insurance according to his needs and carry out the necessary research. The insurance offer is presented by each company in different formats. The insurance policy inquiry process offered over the internet is an information service that provides benefits for people who do not know much about the insurance coverage. The Internet is a medium that incorporates many services, including claim recording. In addition, nowadays, insurance prices are now available and online insurance inquiry services can determine the most suitable insurance insurance policy in the light of personal and vehicle specific information.

Thanks to casco price inquiry systems, you can easily learn the price details of different companies and choose from many options to suit the budget. Different insurance companies may take into account different criteria when offering car insurance insurance. Vehicle insurance premium amount may vary due to the value determined by the insurance companies according to both the characteristics of the vehicle and license holder and the insurance companies. Therefore, it will be in your best interest to investigate the company that you will have insurance. You must be sure of the competence and adequacy of the insurance company. The position of the insurance company among its competitors and the satisfaction of policyholders are also important criteria. The insurance company's accessibility, interest and customer service success should also be taken into account. Whether or not a new vehicle is available when your vehicle is unusable after a possible accident; If this is done, it should be clarified whether your vehicle is offered for use until it is out of service or for a shorter period. Ultimately, you are making an important service purchase on a very important issue. As a matter of fact, you should be careful and you should do your research in detail at the beginning and take your precautions accordingly.

Insurance Tileis a company that protects you and your loved ones against the surprises of your life and provides your insurance needs under the most favorable conditions. You can reach all kinds of insurance needs easily in the handy website that can reach you 24/7, which determines your insurance needs and offers comparative offers.

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