What is the accident report? How to Fill and Inquiry

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In order to detect the event, situation and material damage after any traffic accident accident report It kept. The report prepared by those involved in the accident has been in our lives since 2008. But anyways traffic accident report can often be mistaken when filling. Well the right one accident report how should it be, what are the common mistakes?

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What is the accident report?

Both parties involved in the accident must complete all the information in the accident report separately. These minutes should be signed by both parties involved in the accident. It is generally recommended to include the photographs taken at the time of the accident to the accident report. Correct preparation of the report is very important for insurance operations.

Documents required in accident report

Documents required in accident report
Documents required in accident report

After the traffic accident, the parties should apply to their insurance companies. Insurance Company accident report The necessary documents for:

  • Car insurance policy photocopy
  • Damaged traffic accident detection report
  • Photos taken at the accident site (if any)
  • Driver's license and license photocopies

Situations where accident report cannot be kept

  • If the vehicle is driven without a driver's license or if the driver has insufficient driver's license,
  • When the driver is alcoholic,
  • When the driver is under 18,
  • When one of the vehicles involved in the accident belongs to the public institution and the goods belonging to the public institution are damaged,
  • In case of damage to the belongings of third parties only during the accident,
  • If at least one of the vehicles involved in the accident does not have traffic insurance,
  • A traffic accident results in death or injury accident report 155 police and help is sought immediately.

Example of accident report

Mandatory traffic insurance of vehicles and insurance policy and one traffic accident report sent to the given address. You can download the sample accident report.

Accident Detection Record Example
Accident Detection Record Example

Sbm Accident Detection Report Inquiry

Questioning the accident report, can be done easily over the internet. Accident inquiry process through this website which is a SBM application. You can easily query by entering your identification number and license plate.

Accident defect rates

The purpose of the accident report is to describe the occurrence of the accident and to report any damage. This record cannot determine the accident defect rate. Only the insurance company can determine the degree of defect. By insurance companies traffic accident reportWithin three working days after being processed into the Tramer (Traffic Insurances Information Center) system, insurance companies make a defect assessment for the drivers causing the accident. and 0, 50 percent or 100 percent for each vehicle involved in the accident.

Accident Defect Rates
Accident Defect Rates

Frequently Asked Questions About Accident Report

  • Tutmak It is mandatory to keep an accident report ”

Damage report there is no criminal sanction when not held. Parties involved in the accident accident report they can call the traffic police if they disagree about what is written on it.

  • Tek One driver only needs to sign the report ”

The report must be signed by the drivers involved in the accident. A single driver signature is not enough. If there is a missing signature in the report accident record appeal and of course invalid.

  • Kaza Accident detection report can be kept when the traffic policy is over ”

In order for the accident report to be valid, the traffic policy of the vehicle must be in force. In cases where traffic policy ends accident report invalid

  • Itiraz Accident report appeal period is 30 days ”

Insured parties may appeal within five days of notification of defect rates. Accident report appeal After the expiry of the term, the parties may appeal by means of special remedies.

  • Fotoğraf There is obligation to photograph the record ”

Accident detection report There is no obligation to take pictures while editing. However, the photos taken provide great convenience for damage detection. Therefore, it is preferable to take photos at the scene of the accident.

  • “Accident detection report can only be edited with paper form”

Accident detection records can also be filled out on smartphones. This can be done much faster with the “Mobile Accident Report” application you will download to your phone. You can find detailed information of the application developed by Insurance Information and Monitoring Center here.

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