Traffic Insurance Price Inquiry How?

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Traffic insurance inquiry You can make price comparison online from anywhere where internet connection is available today.

To find out details about your traffic insurance policy traffic insurance inquiry You can benefit from online platforms that offer the possibility. You can also view the policy end – start date, guarantees, discounts and other details on your policy on the same platforms.

However, you can also check for up-to-date information, such as your accident history information, damage information covered by the policy. traffic insurance inquiry services.

Multiple platforms based on official records and fed from the same database offer the same service. In the rest of the article you will find details about which of these platforms are and how the transactions are performed.

Traffic Insurance Inquiry Where To Do?

With the data provided by the Insurance Information Center (SBM), you can inquire about your traffic insurance policy through e-government input. With this e-government password, you can access the policy information about the kayıtlı registered “vehicles.

Reminder: Inquiry process is free.

From this point on, the information you can learn by logging into the system can be listed as follows;

  • Policy Information
  • Vehicle Information
  • Deposit Information
  • Discount / surcharge Information

In addition to this information, you can use the “collateral information” tab to access more detailed data, especially on collaterals. This tab allows you to; financial coverage per vehicle, per person treatment coverage, per capita disability – loss of life coverage, financial coverage per accident, treatment coverage per accident, death per accident and disability coverage.

E-Government password with the insurance policy query you do with the vehicle – policy information, policy end – start date, chassis number, vehicle registration date and so on. critical details.

Traffic Insurance Damage Discount Inquiry

In addition to the information above, You can also view your tariff step status from the Discount / Surcharge tab. With the step information, which is the most important detail for you to benefit from the undamage discount in the new policy periods, you have an idea about how much budget you should allocate to the policy premium in the future.

Reminder: In order to change your tariff step advantageously for you, you must spend the policy period without an accident record. New policies made after a policy period with accident registration or records are also paid at increased prices.

Other Methods for Traffic Insurance Policy Inquiry

Vehicle license plate, TC ID NO, Tax ID NO, such as using information such as the website of the SBM and the application can make queries with the insuranceam360.

Thanks to the “paid” inquiries that can be carried out on the web with the Insurance 360 ​​service, more detailed information is also available. Vehicle damage history, changing parts registration, insurance and traffic insurance policy information, accident detection records and so on. you can reach important details thanks to Sigortam 360 inquiry service. Inquiries made through this site can also perform inquiry by registering to the system or by guest session. There is a charge of 5 TL per each inquiry. Users who register to the system can re-view their inquiries by paying fees and do not have to pay fees again for these transactions.

You can also access this information stored in the SBM database by SMS query method. In this system, which is charged 7 TL per call (all GSM operators), you have the opportunity to reach all of the information mentioned above. You can also call the SBM call center and make the necessary information such as license plate and chassis no. (11890 Call Center)

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