Traffic Insurance Ceiling Prices 2019

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Traffic insurance ceiling prices corresponds to the highest possible insurance premium fees, depending on the type and the cities in which the vehicles are registered; and traffic insurance ceiling prices 1.5% inflation difference is reflected every month and is divided into 8 different risk regions in our country and according to the current accident numbers in these regions, ceiling price is determined as a result of risk analysis. According to the regulations issued by the Treasury and the Ministry of Finance and published in the official newspaper, it may vary depending on inflation.

Traffic Insurance Ceiling Prices

Ceiling Why is price important?

When calculating the premium rate in the policies prepared for the vehicle owners for the traffic insurance companies, the ceiling price list, which they have to comply legally, directly affects the policy premium amounts. In this sense, traffic insurance ceiling prices in a way, the maximum amount of premium offers that can be given to insurance companies is determined. Although the upper limit of the premium offers you will receive from companies is determined by the ceiling price table, there are many different factors that affect the offer you will receive.

What are the Factors Affecting Ceiling Prices of Traffic Insurance?

Among the factors that affect the ceiling prices, il the province where the vehicle is registered, the type of vehicle and the damage level of the vehicle owner ayrıca are also effective. Since the ceiling prices of the province in which the vehicle is registered do not exceed 6%, we can say that the main factors on the prices are “vehicle type” and hasar damage level of the vehicle owner ”.

Traffic Insurance Ceiling Prices

Ankara July 2019 Traffic Insurance Ceiling Prices List

According to Istanbul's risk group, the ceiling prices allocated to 7 levels according to the accident and damage history of the driver are as follows;

Vehicle type Level 1 4th Edition to Step 7
$ 3.198 $ 1,279 $ 704
$ 8.00 $ 3,203 $ 2.24
$ 8,278 $ 3,311 $ 2,138
$ 4,180 $ 1,672 $ 920
US $ 8,947 $ 3.579 $ 2,505
US $ 5,619 $ 2.24 $ 1,573
$ 1,304 $ 521 $ 287

Istanbul July 2019 Traffic Insurance Ceiling Prices List

Vehicle Type Step 1 Step 4 to 7th edition
$ 3,291 $ 1,316 $ 724
8.241TL $ 3,297 $ 2,308
US $ 8,519 $ 3,408 $ 2,385
$ 4,302 $ 1,721 US $ 946
US $ 9,208 $ 3,683 $ 2,578
$ 5,783 $ 2,313 $ 1,619
$ 1,342 $ 537 $ 295

What are the stages of damage determined?

Ceiling prices The damage steps that play an important role in the determination of the accident takes shape according to the accident history of the drivers. A driver who has a new driver's license is included in the 4th Damage Stage and for each insurance policy year that is closed without accident, the driver goes one step further and goes back to the 7th stage and in this case starts to receive a policy offer on low amounts.


In each insurance policy, the driver proceeds one step and gets an insurance offer at a higher price. The cleaner you are, the less you pay for insurance.

Keeping your distance in traffic for safe driving will help prevent accidents caused by sudden braking.

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