(IMM) What is Discretionary Financial Liability?

According to the Road Traffic Act, those who operate motor vehicles are subject to a compulsory traffic insurance in order to be legally entitled to travel in areas that are considered to be road and open to traffic and where there is traffic connection by road. Highway Motor Vehicle Compulsory Liability Insurance, known as Turkey and within the limits of validity of the traffic insurance, vehicle navigation while on the other vehicles, vehicles in given to third parties and pedestrian material and the body is built as mandatory in order to meet losses. However, the Traffic Insurance coverage does not cover the non-pecuniary damages claimed by the third parties. In this case, Optional Financial Liability Insurance enters the circuit and compensates for the moral claims that the Compulsory Traffic Insurance cannot meet. If the insurer wishes to provide a guarantee for the non-pecuniary damages of the third parties, the insurance holder enters into the policy and enters into the Optional Liability Insurance. To better understand the purpose and scope of discretionary liability insurance, you must first know the guarantees covered by Compulsory Traffic Insurance.

Conditions covered by Compulsory Traffic Insurance and excluded

Any motor vehicle from a car to a trailer Traffic InsuranceIis a type of insurance that protects third parties against the insured. The material and physical damage caused to other vehicles, persons or pedestrians while the vehicle is traveling is paid by the Traffic Insurance to the other party at the rate of the insured's defect. In other words, the damages caused by the accident are covered by the insurance. The material and physical rights covered by the limits specified in the Traffic Insurance policy are as follows:

  • Treatment costs of third party
  • The amount of compensation paid for injuries that may occur in third parties as a result of an accident
  • In case of death as a result of accident, the amount of compensation to the deceased person's first-degree relatives died
  • Damage to property of a third party vehicle
  • The cost of treatment of persons in the vehicle of the insured causing the accident, the amount of compensation for death in case of death
  • Veterinary costs incurred if any animal is damaged by a navigational vehicle and taken to the vet

In cases where Mandatory Traffic insurance limits cannot meet, this is where the Optional Liability Insurance comes into play. These situations can be listed as follows:

  • Material damage that occurs in the vehicle of the offending party causing the accident is not covered by the compulsory traffic insurance.
  • The claim for non-pecuniary damages requested by third parties or their relatives is not covered by the Traffic Insurance.
  • If the vehicle is damaged as a result of natural disasters, the damage is not covered by the Traffic Insurance.
  • Damages that may occur in the vehicle while parked are not covered by the Traffic Insurance.
  • If the vehicle is on top of another person, it cannot be claimed from the insurance by pretending to be the vehicle owner.
  • The cost of accidents caused by alcoholic driving is not covered by Traffic Insurance.

Vehicles that have entered the traffic without the Traffic Insurance or whose insurance has not been renewed despite the expiration are banned from traffic without being warned at the time they are caught by the traffic police and their vehicles are confiscated and kept in the parking lot until the insurance is renewed. If a traffic accident is caused without insurance, all damages and damages are covered by the driver.

Optional Liability Insurance for collaterals that Traffic Insurance cannot meet

Compulsory Traffic Insurance, which guarantees the material and physical damages of third parties, is applied to the automobile insurance as the insured does not cover the damage to occur in his vehicle. Automobile insurance policies, which guarantee the material damages incurred in the drivers' own vehicles, also include some additional packages in order to guarantee the material and physical damages that the traffic insurance limit is not sufficient, as well as the moral damages of third parties. This supplementary package, which can optionally be added to the insurance, is called Optional Financial Liability Insurance (IMM) and is aimed at increasing the risk control of the insured in traffic.

In case of damage to third parties while driving motor vehicles in traffic, the first type of insurance is compulsory traffic insurance. In cases where the material and physical losses given are insufficient to be covered by the Traffic Insurance, Optional Financial Liability Insurance enters into the circuit. If your insurance policy is extended with the Optional Liability assurance, the damage that the Traffic Insurance cannot cover is automatically covered by the insurance up to the coverage limit specified in the policy. In addition, if the accidents caused by the insured defect cause any disability in the persons involved in other vehicles, the non-pecuniary compensation is borne by IMM insurance. If a death is the result of an accident, the amount of non-pecuniary damages claimed by the first-degree relatives of the deceased falls into the scope of IMM. Discretionary Liability coverage increases the amount of premiums paid to automobile insurance policies as well as increases the risk control in traffic and enables the payment of much larger amounts that may become payable to the driver. If the insurance policy is not extended with this type of insurance, the drivers are responsible for all expenses.

Matters that are not covered by the Optional Liability Insurance include material damages incurred by the insured vehicle, cases where the vehicle is not registered on the driver, and damages incurred by the goods being transported in the vehicle.

Automobile insurance that protects your own vehicle

Traffic Insurance and optional Liability Insurance cover the damages incurred by third parties for you, while the insurance covers the damages incurred in your own vehicle as a result of the accident. Insurance companies offer insurance policies in the form of package policies in order to extend the coverage of the coverage. Thus, in addition to the automobile insurance that the vehicle owner protects his own vehicle, additional insurance contracts such as IMM insurance or Personal Accident Insurance, Travel Vehicle Support Insurance, which are responsible for the expenses not covered by the Compulsory Traffic Insurance, can be issued in a single policy. With such additional collaterals, the insurance prices also vary.

An advantageous aspect of the insurance policies is that “transportation expenses özel for private vehicles and maddi work stops ticari for commercial vehicles are guaranteed by the additional premium specified in the insurance contracts. Thus, the grievance experienced in the absence of the vehicle is tried to be eliminated. There are standard guarantees covered by the cascades. These include the vehicle's collision or collision, theft or attempted theft of the vehicle and the burning of the vehicle. Standard insurance contracts are automatically activated in these cases. There are additional collaterals that can be optionally added to these contracts. Damages that may occur in vehicles due to social incidents or terrorism, guarantee of obsolescence and inflation guarantee are among these. Individual guarantees include the transfer of the insured and other affected persons to the hospital in case of any injury, their relatives' transportation and accommodation during their treatment.

All the detailed information about your car's insurance policy or Compulsory Traffic Insurance policy can be easily reached via e-government via insurance policy inquiry or traffic insurance inquiry searches. This way you can see your policies that have passed or are about to pass the time; precaution. If you are a new driver who will be in insurance insurance If you want to have the insurance insurance call center, you can get the most appropriate insurance offer.

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