How to Buy Cheapest Traffic Insurance

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our Country Cheapest Traffic Insurance It is not possible to mention very large price differences while determining the policy. Because in traffic insurance, premium prices are subject to some regulations as well as scope and limits.

Optimal traffic insurance

The ceiling price practice, which is particularly relevant to premium prices, is also a binding practice that insurance companies must comply with. At this point, the premium price range that may vary according to the company is quite narrow in the traffic insurance, in which the insurance companies do not have the right to make changes in the scope, limits and conditions. This and its different aspects, traffic insurance, stands apart from the insurance.

Cheapest Traffic insurance In order to capture the offer, car owners can benefit from the prices offered by different companies in certain price ranges. However, it is possible to benefit from different assurances in addition to traffic insurance thanks to the opportunities in which compulsory traffic insurances and different assurances are offered as a package.

At this point, Cheapest Traffic Insurance rather than seeking out the most advantageous offers.

Cheapest traffic insurance prices
Cheapest traffic insurance prices

Casco and Traffic Insurance Is Different?

Traffic insurance is a kind of insurance that is obliged by law to be compulsory by the law. However, it is not possible to mention such a legal obligation for automobile insurance.

However, insurance policies are completely separated from the traffic insurance with terms, scope and limits. While the traffic insurance is designed to cover the grievances of the third parties involved in the accident, the insurance covers the insured vehicle against the damage to be taken in many different situations.

However Cheapest Traffic Insurance to be able to capture the different options that are not available for automobile insurance packages; Due to the diversity of limits and coverage or campaigns, the research process should be carried out more carefully.

However, the most important point that should be forgotten at this point is that it is still legally necessary to have compulsory traffic insurance even if the insurance policy is purchased.

Compulsory Traffic Insurance Limits

The traffic insurance limits determined by the Undersecretariat of Treasury may vary depending on the damages caused in the occurrence of accidents.

At this point, there are different limits for vehicle damage as well as death, injury or disability. It is not legally possible for insurance companies to make any changes through these limits.

At this point, there is no regulation that allows to change the insurance limits and the policy price. Providing not to change the limits, it is in the possession of the vehicle owner to provide the greatest discount on the policy price. The system, which is known as “undamage reduction karşısında in the face of the limited area of ​​action provided to insurance companies for discounts, can provide great advantages in policy prices especially after the first year.

Cheapest Traffic Insurance Prices 2019
Cheapest Traffic Insurance Prices 2019

Is Cheap Traffic Insurance Due To Damage Discount?

Cheapest Traffic Insurance There is an application that works to the advantage of the drivers to get the offer.

In this system, also known as damage reduction, drivers are divided into certain steps according to their accident history in traffic. For the first time, the drivers are in the middle of these steps. From this moment on, the drivers' step changes for each policy year without accident.

As a result of this step change, there is a chance to benefit from a certain percentage of policy premium discounts each time. As the years pass, it is possible to reach considerable discounts on the first paid premium fee with the policy years to be spent without accident. This system provides additional convenience to vehicle owners in search of cheap traffic insurance.

In short, when you buy traffic insurance, you need to get offers from different companies to reduce the policy price or to blend traffic insurance with different advantages and assurances.

However, you can also take a more careful driving habit to take advantage of the stepping system and to benefit from an undamaged reduction. In fact, the ultimate goal of traffic insurance is to ensure a safer traffic flow, the system is quite consistent in itself and works for the benefit of the citizens.

Cheapest Traffic Insurance 2018 and 2019 Prices

With the end of the free tariff in traffic insurance, the prices given by most insurance companies are almost the same. Insurance companies provide additional free guarantees alongside traffic insurance to get out a little earlier, such as attractive services.

The cheapest traffic insurance prices are as follows.

Footsteps Price (TL)
Level 1 $ 2,015
Level 2 1.611 ₺
Stage 3 $ 1,208
4th Edition to $ 807
5th ed to 686 6
to 6.Print 566 6
to 7th edition 445 ₺

Cheapest Traffic Insurance Companies

As we mentioned above, although there is not much price difference between the companies, the companies that provide the cheapest traffic insurance in case of ranking are as follows; Companies such as Quick Insurance, Ethica Insurance and Doğa Insurance take the lead.

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