Current Traffic Insurance Prices 2019

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As in many fees, Traffic Insurance Prices continue to be updated according to the step system. In this article we will talk about the current traffic insurance prices

Unlike other years, T.C. With the decision taken by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, inflation-related price update, traffic insurance prices will not be applied this year. At this point, 1.5% insurance price updates, which can be applied by insurance companies, will continue.

In this context, the ceiling premium prices related to Traffic Insurance Prices are updated every month by the Insurance Information and Monitoring Center – SBM. During this update, the tariff level you have in the policy is taken into consideration.

Ceiling Traffic Insurance Prices Determined by SBM for February 2019

As is known, one of the factors effective in calculating current traffic insurance premiums is the city where the vehicle is registered. As traffic density, accident rates and regional inflation may vary according to cities, we will share with you the February 2019 insurance premium ceiling prices of the three most populous metropolises of our country.


  1. Step: 3055 TL
  2. Step: 2444 TL
  3. Step: 1833 TL
  4. Step: 1222 TL
  5. Step: 1039 TL
  6. Step 855 TL
  7. Step: 672 TL


  1. Step: 2968 TL
  2. Step: 2375 TL
  3. Step: 1781 TL
  4. Step: 1187 TL
  5. Step: $ 1009
  6. Step: 831 TL
  7. Step: 653 TL


  1. Step: 2882 TL
  2. Step: 2306 TL
  3. Step: 1729 TL
  4. Step: 1153 TL
  5. Step: 980 TL
  6. Step: 807 TL
  7. Step: 634 TL
Current Traffic Insurance Prices

What is the Step System for Traffic Insurance Prices?

In the current traffic insurance, the accident history of the drivers is also taken into consideration when determining premium prices. These insurance policy steps, also called tariff levels, are determined according to the accident history of the drivers for the previous policy period.

A first-time driver will start from Step 4 on this system. In the following period, drivers rise to the next level for each policy period in which there is no accident incident committed to the traffic insurance. The advantage in this increase is that the insurance policy price is lower than the other levels as seen in the above prices.

In this sense, considering the same account in reverse; that is, when we take into account the policy period that the driver has spent with accidents or accidents, we understand that the next period should start by stepping down. This practice, also known as damage reduction, is likewise applied to insurance policies.

At this point, drivers are encouraged to become more careful driving habits. Because, in this system, there may be a serious policy price difference between taking the upper and lower ranks.

How do you find out which step you are in?

You can find out your tariff level directly related to your damage record via the system called TRAMER. address on the web site at the first page of the company that insured you, then the registration number of the policy and other requested information by entering the error-free query process can do. In the query page that appears, you can view the current traffic insurance prices tariff steps and the number of steps you take.

However, if you apply to insurance companies to purchase a new policy, since they can access such records, they will tell you what level you are in and perform your policy accordingly.

Why is Traffic Insurance Required?

With the implementation of Compulsory Traffic Insurance in force in our country, it is aimed to alleviate as much as possible the negative situations arising as a result of traffic accidents.

As all vehicles in circulation have traffic insurance, an environment is created in which large-scale drivers and other elements of traffic feel more secure. Because with compulsory traffic insurance, it is possible to compensate for the damages of third parties involved in traffic accidents.

In many cases, such as injury, injury and loss of life from repair of damage to vehicles, there are guarantees that are included in the traffic insurance. In this way, the grievances caused by bodily damages will be alleviated financially.

Thanks to compulsory traffic insurance, thousands of people are prevented from experiencing grievances every year. For this very reason, the state does not step back from the continuation of this practice as ”obligatory.. You can find out the current traffic insurance prices for your vehicle immediately.

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